It was so hard to let go of this summer, as it was a very adventurous one. This summer was filled with exploration, hiking, fishing, biking, swimming, BBQ’s, weddings and just plain beach bumming. But now I welcome the new season and all it has to offer.

I’m so full of excitement for fun indoor projects and outdoor activities that will surely provide us an abundant rich season. One indoor hobby that I would like to nurture is watercolour painting and sketching. Working on a computer is wonderful and it brings swift perfection and satisfaction of the speed in which design work is created. But lately I have been longing for days where I can let myself be taken back to my start in design and the art world. I discovered I truly loved painting in grade 9, I think this is what got me through high school, I would get lost in my work and never want to stop, I would stay up late to see the end result of a new piece, I would even skip my social studies class to sit in the art room which was always open for me thanks to my supportive Art Teacher Mrs. Wilson, to this day I’m so grateful that she was a part of my journey. She taught me Art History and painting techniques, mural painting, and even some pottery work, she even taught me how to stretch my own canvas, she taught me that even when life gets hard I would always have this skill to nurture my creative side.

Which is why I would like to embrace this season with painting, creating and cultivating new life in my own design process, and most importantly sharing it with others. I always held all my cards close to me as if someone would steal or take my gifts away. Had Mrs. Wilson not shared what she knew I would never have realized my full potential so here I am ready to share and inspire others just like Mrs. Wilson did for me. This is my first blog post but of many more to come, I will share my journey with all of you my readers with an open heart and mind. I hope that what I share with you may reach you in some way.


Painted and Illustrated by Rocio Salazar - If anyone is interested in the brushes used here, I picked them up from DeSerres, and the awesome clear glasses are from Baily Nelson.


Rocio Salazar